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What Are We Looking For?

After a lot of searching, Miss Mary’s Art Space has found a home at 5 New Scotland Avenue. We opened our doors December 1, 2001 with a holiday sale featuring local artists and artisans.

NOW IT'S TIME TO KEEP THE DOORS OPEN!!! Following are some ideas of what could happen in the space. Nothing is written in stone so feel free to share your thoughts. In order to keep going, we will rely heavily on donations generated from events and classes. If we don’t use it, we’ll lose it – so get involved! We’ll keep a calendar of happenings here on the Web site and in the building.

Open Mic/Salon Facilitators
Miss Mary’s Art Space is looking for experienced musicians and writers to facilitate open mics/salons for artists of varying accomplishment in Albany venue. Forums could feature a local artist, while providing performance opportunities to other artists. Facilitator should be willing to host on monthly, regularly scheduled evening. Acoustic instruments only. Non-smoking environment.

Children’s Programming
Miss Mary’s Art Space is looking for experienced artists/crafters to host Saturday morning children’s projects and music hours in Albany art workshop. Projects should not exceed $6 per participant, including materials.

Workshop Mentors
Miss Mary’s Art Space is looking for experienced artists/crafters to share their knowledge with others through workshops and mentoring. Workshops may generate modest income for artist.

Gallery Space
Miss Mary’s Art Space has gallery space available in Albany for interested artists. Gallery is part of shared workspace and performance venue.

Dark Room
Miss Mary’s Art Space is putting together a community dark room. Experienced developers should be willing to mentor at least one novice. Those interested must apply for a Dark Room membership. For more information on any of these opportunities, e-mail or call Laura at 426-3570 or Sheryl at 436-3562.

If you are interested in showing your work, contact Laura Koennecke at or 426-3570. Sales are made directly to artist.

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