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Subject: poetry by the pound cont.

-Where To-
go now to the false palaces beginning to crumble from disuse go to the home of your father's father islands left over from times when island men were popular bridges are now built to every paradise to the spirit world

-How Did it Happen-
how did he come to be a banjo playing pizza parlor play for the whole family fool?

-Wild Animal Trainer-
when she was a little girl they laughed oooo she is so good with the other children everybody loves her arf she loved her jc higgens bycyle almost as well but the dog she loved.. ah

the watery horizon just above my fingertips streamer sun in beams filled with algae a quick small fish,a fish, a fish the sandy shore gave way beneath my feet ------ k----- a crater lake overflowed driftwood spring shoots the water air, the air birds and bass have i gills will i drown about a sunken lake air changing state ------k----- walk the shore in a fishy dream awoke in a bed beside a stream

-Borne and Paid-
a capitalist crucifixion solemn benediction before squirming rotarians in a sticky catered hall --- haloed saints go pale evangelism stale beside the great wazoo icon of the corporate elite --- a vision of righteousness self-made techno-humanism walking with high held head but not for long --- you have borne and paid the omnipresent poor for there silence you have not begun to pay

car, lines,vase,dragon,three piece suit,sunglasses citronilla candles,George Hamilton,bow tie,tear one,beginning of the culmination of the preparation, of the mime faced masked man, dotted eyes, faces in QueenAnne chairs the look of tapestries reality, of midnight chanting mission impossible the long neck, chained with all these bondage guys get their kicks incensed they brought on the AaKe thunder, then a commercial. thumbed butane by candlelight the mime man is back give the old lady the sword george Hamilton was lucky to have escaped the Johnsons -------- patch, injuries, die, responsibilities, prime minister,burned fingers, barbaric attacks.

_High Grade Candy-
into a galvanized sidewalk that walks to the vanishing point ghost of horse drawn carts are parked by the shiny street curbside. ladies and men all dressed in black stand still mannequins on a foggy morning walk buildings and signs and carts and bowler hats all washed over by the mop of time

-By Ways By the Way-
if you are going to coxsackie best not forget the way backy

a coolness brought home in a basket shadows saved for when there is no shade the future will appreciate my vigilance what will my children's children need? consider this when making your collections a collection is nothing if not a legacy a legacy is without value if not durable saved the spots of joy and coolness the future will be hot and go quickly offer a backwater, an eddy in shade a rest stop is what the future needs and this the children will need

-In the Beginning-
on a ramblers shoe stuck to the bottom the soul of the walker gone away yesterday all broken things remain picked by carrion birds of the heart a trail of white bone smooth remembrances of love in search of new hearts new longings to remain a new ache for return but the spot in time rates but a single visit

veins in the hands the lace of flesh closely examined reveal the leafy patterns -------------------------------------------------------------

the musical memory worked overtime racing thoughts like automobiles looking for a friends houses after the directions have been lost pacing to the dart board and back to throw without energy or aim darts into the cork over and over feet upon the cool damp linoleum caged like a cat never used to the cage 4am the wool like a blanket of flesh the grinded audio a sweaty bed or damp pace eyes filled with sand eyes of the alcoholic eyes of the diplomat eyes of the biznizman the yellow bone in hand with leaded marrow blood like mercury or like slate courses veins without end to sustain me neath my restless blanket 4am in and out on the cigarettes menthol like a splintered bone caught in the throat but the pain persists no need to call the physician 4am(I'm dead) cancerous thought projected sympathy and heroism hope to see you at my wake awake 4am(on the nose) on the button like willie sutton escape the alcatraz of troubled night rafted off on dreamy waters and nubile daughters behind my lids that fluttered shut And so on have you read my book? how to cook. it is but a page, ( i read this somewhere i think) ( these two stanzas smack of plagarism) but it reflects the age blah blah he said,she said bed, bed, bed, bed (this too) she said, he said bread, bread, bread, bread well said, they said ------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Am I Getting A Tan (I Didn"t Think the Sun Was Out Today)-
what's this streaming, beaming, gleaming through my picture window it seems to be some sort of ray warming up my dreary day

-The Letters of the Law-
Law becomes the running dog As does toast to tea Anticipate it's full protection And you seem a fool to me The laws are written for the writer When in a solemn mood As he thinks of cads and crumb bums And all he sees as lewd In a wig with flabby jowls The judge sits upon his throne "Hang him, fine him, I don't care My girlfriend's on the phone" Before you think to park your car Or tell them what you saw Best watch your step or better yet Read the letters of the law

-Saints in Sacks(part 2)-
When you throw a feast Don't forget the priest

-Just Like the Last Time-
after taking a left on junior wells street my rented pontiac coughed like a victim the broken beer bottles, smooth bombs my eye hung out like an egg yolk the end when all these poems are sold i'll send some more dave walsh ,poet

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