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Subject: art by the ton one ton minimum


when last heard from our intrepid traveler was lying in the gutter madison avenue in the capitol city of the greatest state in the greatest country in the world

-The Dump-
culls of my civilization upon the waters a quick glacier broken at the shore bergs of hope tumbling toward the horizon dropping off like tired children slaves pull at the oars the ship is sinking slaves pull at the oars against the wind toward the east a dream of a cool land beyond hope and misery

-And The Blue Lightning-
like the pale eyes of the killer stared down a dangerous gun before a chance to flinch lightning to the heart of the sun ----- a cold flame that rises and dies cooling the victim of large caliber larger than the blue steel heart that beats the chest of night ------ jets of spring water airborne from way beyond the horizon in the sinking west haunting an evening left well behind

-Old Chrome-
rust and the broken mirror of old chrome handlebars in the basement corner kept dust and darkness company with tales of adventure, accidents and exotic travels

-Blue Eyes-
immediate opening: saint patrick one hundred snake experience necessary must stomp snakes 'til their eyes turn blue salary:eternal bliss on bus line

-Yurts In Spurts-
in my broadloom bungalo by the watering hole beneath a furtive glance and a yak skin stole a ruby naveled maiden with a fig like mouth.... he had come across the desert on a dromedary boat but didn't know a camel from a camel hair coat

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