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   dear poetry fans and friend of miss mary's        i am now offering for a 
   limited time only (poet expires on expiration date)       poetry by the
   pound      swell poems from the 70s   80s   90s   00s  and beyond
   all poems are new in the box and come with a beautiful display brick
   also never used                for display or other                   poetry
   is 8.00$ per pound          ( we have a sliding scale so if you' re  poor or
   cheap or something  poems are free  but you will have to supply your own
   brick)           poems purchased with accompanying brick will be removed
   from circulation and become your personal property to do with as you wish
   allow a couple a days for delivery   except overseas which is probably
   longer       all poetry comes with a 90 day money back guarantee   all
   proceeds after commission go to poet's kind creditors  (dave walsh poet)

easy it was the blood flowed it scared everyone gasping the last breath --- easy it was picture this he cried out loud rattling in a bed of horse hair --- no last words gasp and say oh no not now not now --- if you hadn't seen it you wouldn't believe it

-Bygones be Bygones_
it was on your lips a taste of yesterday in a stanking stairwell you told me you cannot come in laying there crying thoughts of murder erupting in your brain take your chance at dominoes you bitch,you lover of dreams of despair and loss, and of a place so sweet and clean

-Big Joe Tells All About the Unmapped World-
big joe once explored borneo new guinea, madagasgar and the khyber pass big joe will bore you to death about the time surrounded by pygmies armed with blowguns poison tipped darts he starts "i knew a guy or that reminds me of the time" big joe's specialty is the unmapped world ah my pilgrim friend ah the wonder of the nineteen seas in the capitol of the sargasso i dined with haile selaisse's brother in the law "rasta we" said he rather than in judea be

-Al's Fruit Stand-
al arranged some oranges and arrayed some apples lettuce and tomatoes under the el on eighth --- al arranged the avocados and pomegranates too freshest fruit stand on the island on the avenue --- al got the best fruit stand his peppers all agleam al the wickedest fruit man that i ever seen

-White Orpheus-
night shines back at him through a mercury mirror into the indian ocean and beyond --- a sea of dreams where wakers never sleep but dance a new fandango and greet tomorrow blazing -- tomorrow and the next rolling over and over into the blurring whirl of gray -- ebony and chrome this year's most beautiful couple

-Visionaries in the Void-
with little ideas they toyed visionaries in the void poets selling shampoo profundity in redundancy mock my words sonny wait til you have skids of your own spoil the rods, spare the clods tripe at the speed of light poured on slow syrup style the wolf chased me down madison avenue you gotta believe me
-Holy Cripe-
out of the tv the car salesman sold me a mass produced reality maidens with upturned breasts and noses wrapped up pretty in panty hoses -- it's ok to be alone call me on the telephone let me sell ya' a bottle of beer sit right down on this nice couch here -- a real deal at nineteen ninety five paid for by then if you survive what do you mean a guarantee you can trust a guy like me --- my teeth are straight and my feet don't stink i won't leave you on the brink order now before midnight think about the great delight -- buy yourself a baseball hat to cover up the doggie shat

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