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Mean Time FAQ

What should we do to prepare?
All performers should promote the show to their own friends and family. Miss Mary’s and the C+CC send press releases and promote to our own lists, but having a good crowd show up depends on you getting the word out, too.

What time and how long will we be on?
The Schedule

And where?
We are going to have 3 venues - the chapel, the conference room and the patio running at the same time. Where you are performing is included on the schedule.

What equipment should I bring?
The chapel will feature acoustic performers or spoken word only so the set up will be minimal.

Directions to The Chapel & Cultural Center?

What time do we need to be here? Do we have to be there early even if we go on until 8?
It would be good for everyone to be there and set up by 6:45. Since the poets and spoken word performers don't need to set up equipment, 6:30 or so should be fine. Musicians or anyone requiring equipment set up should be there by 5:30 or 6 to set up and do a sound check. That way we can give everyone a quick rundown at 6:45. The evening is going to require a little bit of choreography.

Anything else I need to know?
We're inviting participants to bring a pot luck dish.

Miss Mary's Home | News | Request Info