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Miss Mary’s Membership

Miss Mary’s Art Space is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that depends on its membership to keep it running. We need member input to make decisions regarding our future and we need financial and volunteer support to put our ideas into action.

We are updating our membership list for 2003. This is important for the annual meeting in May at which we elect our board of directors because only members can vote. If you would like to be a member/continue being a member:

Send us your name, address, phone number and e-mail. They can be emailed back or mailed to Laura Koennecke, 59 Irving Street, Albany, NY 12202. If you are joining as a family, please send the names of everyone you would like included.

And please consider becoming a member at one of the following levels:
  • $25 – patron
  • $50 – family
  • $10 – youth/senior
  • $500 – benefactor

  • Check should be made out to Miss Mary’s Art Space, Inc and mailed to 59 Irving Street, Albany, NY 12202.

    Free memberships are also available to those who would like to volunteer their time. Ask for more details. Call Laura at 426-3570 or Matt or Leah at 463-5857.

    Currently we are looking for a new home and are putting together a publication called Screed that will highlight the works of local artists, as well as classified and personals. Your donations will help make these things happen.

    Please forward this to anyone who might be interested in becoming a member. Thanks!

    Questions, Comments? You can e-mail us at

    Miss Mary's Home | News | Request Info | Screed | Poetry & Prose | Gallery