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Your Art Here.

So many buildings, so many artists without a space...

In 2002, Miss Mary’s provided a space for 7 gallery shows, 12 classes and workshops, 7 children’s events, 3 literary programs, a comedy show, 8 weekly or monthly open mics, and well over 30 music and mixed media performances —all for under $7,000. And we were just getting started when we lost the space...

...Since then, we’ve been publishing Screed, a free arts magazine featuring poetry, fiction, art and music. We also were given the opportunity to curate a three-month installation and present three evenings of performance at Troy’s Chapel + Cultural Center.

House your art. Now we are close to getting a new home. Our goal is to maintain a space in Albany where artists of all sorts and any age can share things like a darkroom, PA system, movie projector, screen printing set up, and most of all, a SPACE.

Please consider being a donor at one of the following levels to help open the doors:

"Corner Stone" for $100, "Steel Beam" for $50, or "Cinder block" for $20. They are tax deductible donations and will be hung up in the new space where people will see your support for the arts.

To show your support, please click on the corresponding button to use paypal or contact us at or Miss Mary's, 2B Irving Street, Albany, NY 12202.

Want to give us $200? Click here...

Miss Mary's Home | News | Request Info | Poetry & Prose | Screed | Gallery

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