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More About Mean Time Artists

To The Media: Please feel free to download these pics for publication...

Miriam Axel-Lute, poet, has been published many places, in print and in electrons. She has one chapbook out, Souls Like Mockingbirds, and a second on the way. She is the news editor at Metroland. For more info:

Eric Smiarowski

Alifair Skebe is a poet/visual artist in the PhD program in English at the University at Albany. Her work is forthcoming in the journals Sulphur River Literary Review and 32 Poems and her chapbook Postcards: Les Lettres d'Amour/Les Cartes Postales: Love Letters will appear late this Fall.
Persia is an all-cousin, folk and blues-based acoustic guitar and percussion trio from Albany, New York.

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