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Poems by Nate Pritts

all poems from the chapbook HELLBENT

from Lazy Frog Press


Sometimes I wonder
Whatever happened to the people
I used to know & don't anymore.

But notice
I was careful to use that word

sometimes - only sometimes
I wonder - because I want it made clear
that I have other things on my mind,

that I'm curious
but not overwhelmingly so.

Though, really, everyday
I find myself wondering
whatever happened to all those

kids who sat behind me
or next to me or in front of me

in all those classes
over all those years &
I wonder whatever happened

to all the people
I've worked with at all the different

jobs I've worked &
I'm thinking now most particularly
of the guys who worked with me

at the warehouse,
graveyard shift, all of us

not necessarily
dissatisfied but certainly
forced to come to terms

with what we never thought
would be our lives & hellbent

on bluffing through.
Early mornings
we'd leave out the back way

& see our breath
just hanging

in front of us.
Can a person become
too aware of what it takes

to keep themselves alive?
Footprints in early snow

dust reminded us
we weren't getting away easy.
Most nights we'd drink

until dawn & stare straight up
to see who'd look away first

& then
to see who'd be the first
to look back.
Poetry by Nate Pritts

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