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(From Metroland Online)


Shit. Shit. Shit. Miss Mary’s is closed. Ordered to cease and desist by the city of Albany.

Miss Mary’s has been open since last December, and the not-for-profit arts space that sat at 5 New Scotland Ave. hosted many a show—art, poetry, music, frenzied freak-out—in its short lifespan, and we loved them for it.


According to Dave Walsh, “a worker who helped establish and run Miss Mary’s Art Space Inc.,” they believed that they had the correct permits to operate, and they signed a lease and got themselves insured. “Someone complained to the city and the city was forced to act upon that complaint,” he says.

“We attempted to be good neighbors. We tried to keep our sidewalk relatively trash free,” says Walsh, and adds that the police were never called to the venue, and there were no violent acts, “Although I did see a guy hit himself in the head with a full can of beer at the Warpipe show for some reason.”

“We were able to present, what I came to believe was some of the finest and most vibrant artists in the area,” Walsh states.“We were small but mighty I would say.”

Already, folks are searching for another spot to continue in this tradition, as shows had been booked for the next few months. “Meanwhile 5 New Scotland will return for now to its most recent permitted use,” Walsh says, “a vacant storefront with a smelly wino dozing in the doorway. . . . The Miss Mary experience taught me there’s a lot of cool shit going on around here and all it needs is a venue.” —Kate Sipher

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